Friday, September 13, 2002

sTILL FIguring it out
Just makin changes to the site
Yo whats up world! This is the one and only Dinero and no im not concieted im just trying to be me. so dont be mad at the name You aint as cute as me Even though I do look good then a mutha f***ka, Ha Ha but whats happening in my world you ask? Lots of music, traveling, and photo shoots. Musician on the come up trying to make it in this world like most. Im not looking for a relationship right now because im in one, but its definately ok to look at beautiful women. So If you feel as confident in your looks as I am in mine go a head and mail me so I can peep yo vibe. and Make sure you look cute cuzz I got mad homeboys that look nice lookin and need some pretty, sophisticated, women to talk to and hang out with. Mainly my group members so if your attractive and you know it hit a ni**a up and If your as cool as you think u are Ill hook u up. One love. until next time keep it pimpin baby! HOLLA!
All the beautiful ladies HOLLA!